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Are you in the cushion camp or not? If you are then you’ll love this blog and if you’re not, well we hope we might just change your mind.

There are many practical and aesthetic reasons why the humble cushion can bring style and comfort to your home.

Let’s start with the practical! A cushion on a hard dining seat will bring you comfort and warmth. As cushions are mobile you can use them on a sofa or the bed to bring you support whilst relaxing, reading and watching TV.

If you suffer with neck or back pain, you can squish your cushion into the shape and place that will best bring relief.

Bench cushions are a must have for certain types of seats such as pews and benches. The intricate tribal patterns of the Nomad collection by Clarke & Clarke bring a contemporary feel to this bench cushion.

If you’re still not convinced, here are a few ways in which you can use cushions to bring style and character into your home.

Use cushions to add pops of colour to an otherwise neutral interior – this is especially useful if you like to create a different look with the different seasons. For instance if you would like a warm cosy room during the Autumn & Winter months but prefer a bright, fresh vibe during the Spring and Summer, cushions are the most affordable way of doing this – you don’t even need to buy new cushion pads each time, just the cover. The ones that you won’t be using can be neatly folded away in a drawer until the Season changes. The colours, designs and textures you use will evoke the mood you wish to create. You’ll be amazed at the difference you can make with great ease. Depending on your budget, you could also change a rug, paintings and lamp shades. All of these will bring about a temporary change which can revert to it’s former look in an instant.

Cushions have the power to change the mood in a room. Sanderson Richmond Hill fabrics just ooze Summertime and will instantly bring a freshness to your room.

Our cushions can be made in any shape or size you choose. From scatter cushions & floor cushions to bolster cushions and bench cushions – each one has it’s place in the home or garden. If you like your cushion to be all dressed up, we can embellish it in many different ways. Arabella Trimmings from Harlequin provide some charming treats for cushions and other soft furnishings in a wide spectrum of colour. Choose from pom poms, fringes, beads or braid.
Another simple yet sophisticated way to treat your cushions is with a contrast piping. This works especially well if the fabric has some kind of a picture – it works in the same way as a picture frame.

Harlequin’s Arabella Trimmings decorate cushions and soft furnishings beautifully.

Buttoning your cushions gives a really plump appeal and shows off a sumptuous fabric in all it’s glory. These piped cushions contrast perfectly with Sanderson Dandelion Clocks. The centre button also conveys a feeling of luxury.

There are thousands of fabrics to choose from at Gilroy Interiors but if there’s a particular fabric that you cannot find just let us know as we deal with all of the main fabric houses. We can make cushions to your own requirements and embellish them in any way you wish, which means that your cushions will be unique. You can also buy just the fabric and make your own – a simple scatter cushion is fairly easy or if you’re more daring you could make something really unusual.

Merrick & Day run one day workshops and their books are the best for soft furnishings.

If you make your own cushions we’d love to see what you’ve created, please send your images to juliette@gilroyinteriors.com we could put them on Facebook & Twitter if you’re happy to share them.

If you need any advice on making or designing your cushions just drop me a line.