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When it comes to interior design, men are no longer taking a back seat. The look and mood of the home is more popular among men now than it ever has been.

From the living area to the bathroom and bedroom, your interior style is your signature and tells your story.


For this feature I am focusing on the Wabi Sabi collection from Scion. Like so many men today, this collection is fun & colourful as well as practical & functional.


The pops of colour provided by the seats and the Navajo curtains teamed with soft organic shades give this living space a burst of vitality. Consider how much colour you would like to bring to the room and then add a little at a time until you reach just the right ambience. Cushions are a great way of injecting more or less colour as well as being really useful for lounging or getting cosy on the sofa. Plants too will invigorate your home, from a prickly textured cactus to the ‘monster’ cheese plant, low maintenance plants like these will bring your room to life.


If the furnishings & accessories in your home are a bit of a mismatch then don’t worry – embrace this style, it will keep your room interesting. Collected fragments of your history coupled with an array of stylish furnishings can be rearranged at random and your style will be constantly evolving. The curtains in this picture have been made using Shoji fabric. This laid back design, the comfortable seating & the use of organic substances such as the wooden flooring & sideboard all contribute to the relaxed mood of this living area.


….and on to the bedroom. Trust your masculine style & let it lead you into a world of texture & touch. Senses are heightened in the bedroom, lighting may not always be strong and how objects feel is just as important as how they look. Cosy woollens, sumptuous velvets & crisp linens all have a distinctive feel and will enhance your room setting. A woolly throw draped across cool cottons & linens brings a contrast of textures that will stimulate the senses. Visually, the subtle ombré stripe of the Uzuri curtains coupled with the striking chevron of the Takumi blind on a backdrop of Shibori & Suvi wallpapers creates a visual display that is both energising and comforting. Remember, don’t be afraid of the mis-match, embrace it!


Curtains, Blinds & Fabrics are available to order on line. However if you would like cushions or any other kind of soft furnishing or wallpaper, please call us on 0800 825 0034 or click here.

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