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  • All About Me

    All About Me

    Harlequin uphold their reputation for witty and whimsical children’s collections.

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  • Amazilia Fabrics

    Amazilia Fabrics

    Beguiling fabrics based on extravagant tropical motifs in magnificent colourways.

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  • Amazilia Velvets

    Amazilia Velvets

    A striking collection of sumptuous spray-dyed velvets. Available in 8 luxurious shades.

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  • Amilie


    Inspired by a harmonious mix of English country garden and classic French style.

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  • Anoushka


    Prints, embroideries and weaves, for flamboyant curtains, accessories & feature upholstery.

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  • Arkona Velvets

    Arkona Velvets

    Evocative and glamorous, Arkona Velvets are available in a striking array of colours.

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  • Artisan Embroideries

    Artisan Embroideries

    An enchanting and stylish collection that is the embodiment of homespun chic.

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  • Bakari


    Bakari is a gentle, laid-back collection with a tranquil and contemporary twist.

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  • Boheme Linens

    Boheme Linens

    Beautiful linens in stunning colours, perfect when paired with Jardin Boheme Fabrics.

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  • Boheme Plains

    Boheme Plains

    A rustic selection of plains in a range of colours complementing the Jardin Bohème collection.

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  • Boutique Velvets

    Boutique Velvets

    A luxurious crushed velvet in an opulent colour palette, just crying out to be touched.

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  • Callista Fabrics

    Callista Fabrics

    Striking fabrics, all of which have that distinctive Clarissa Hulse signature.

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  • Celeste Plains

    Celeste Plains

    Choose from a delicious colour palette, enhanced by subtle but eye-catching metallic accents.

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  • Delphine


    An eclectic fusion of prints with damasks and crewelwork-inspired embroideries.

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  • Delphine Wools and Textures

    Delphine Wools and Textures

    A range of stylish stripe and check wool plaids in refreshingly modern colours.

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  • Fauvisimo


    Bold with a strong emphasis on colour, adding ebullience and character to any interior scheme.

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  • Floris Embroideries

    Floris Embroideries

    Floris Embroideries conjures up the spirit of quintessentially English summers.

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  • Folia


    Folia is breathtakingly vibrant, encompassing predominantly botanical motifs.

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  • Impasto


    Impasto prints and weaves are breathtaking in their liberated designs and intensity of colour.

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  • Jardin Boheme Fabrics

    Jardin Boheme Fabrics

    A riot of pattern and colour creating a gloriously vibrant, yet subtle harmony.

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  • Jardin Boheme Voiles

    Jardin Boheme Voiles

    These vibrant, bohemian voiles will bring an effortless grace to any room setting.

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  • Juniper Embroideries

    Juniper Embroideries

    A combination of tantalising colours, embroidered on to softly coloured linen grounds.

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  • Juniper Fabrics

    Juniper Fabrics

    Juniper is a very on-trend and uninhibited collection with a fresh and airy feel.

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  • Juniper Plains

    Juniper Plains

    A silk-mix plain fabric which works alongside the Juniper prints, weaves and embroideries.

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  • Kallianthi


    The ultimate combination of colour, print and texture by designer Clarissa Hulse.

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  • Leonida Velvets

    Leonida Velvets

    Leonida is the epitome of decadent excess and nostalgic elegance.

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  • Lucido Velvets

    Lucido Velvets

    A luxurious, chic, mirror-gloss finish bringing sophisticated elegance to any room.

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  • Momentum 1

    Momentum 1

    Momentum is a smart, ‘boutique chic’ range of opulent, textural fabrics.

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  • Momentum 2

    Momentum 2

    Momentum is a smart, ‘boutique chic’ range of opulent, textural fabrics in rich, moody colours.

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  • Momentum 3

    Momentum 3

    Eclectic and beguilingly tactile, an enticing fusion of textures, colours and techniques.

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  • Momentum 4

    Momentum 4

    The epitome of global chic and effortless style. Influenced by the trendy hotel interiors scene.

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  • Momentum 5 & 6

    Momentum 5 & 6

    The perfect marriage of textured upholstery fabrics and eye catching drapery designs.

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  • Poetica Fabrics

    Poetica Fabrics

    An enchanting homage to the natural beauty and intrinsic charm of England’s countryside.

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  • Poetica Plains

    Poetica Plains

    Shimmering plains in a delicate colour palette, a perfect compliment to Poetica Fabrics.

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  • Poetica Weaves

    Poetica Weaves

    A selection of tactile, textured wool mixes in an understated, natural palette.

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  • Tamika Plains

    Tamika Plains

    Stylish natural linen effect plains, in an array of 30 delectable colours.

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  • Tembok Embroideries

    Tembok Embroideries

    Sumptuous, shimmering and sublime, adding instant allure to any interior!

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  • What A Hoot

    What A Hoot

    Brimming with joy and bursting with happiness, What a Hoot embraces every child’s dreams.

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